BactaClean WWT, Type 1
Municipal Wastewater Treatment

BactaClean WWT, Type 1 bacterial cultures are a selected suite of high performance, environmentally safe and natural bacterial strains which are cultured to biodegrade a broad range of municipal industrial and commercial organic and hydrocarbon wastes. These wastes include domestic sewage, animal, fecal and plant wastes, carbohydrates, starches, proteins, grease, oils, fats, many organic solvents and petrochemicals.

Cultures are used to seed new biological treatments plants and optimize existing operations to reduce BOD, COD and TSS effluent levels in aeration basins, clarifiers, trickling filters and RBC's ponds, lagoons, activated sludge systems, aerobic and anaerobic digesters, CSO's and storm water detention basins. They also have exceptional capability to biodegrade grease and fat solids buildup in grease skimming pits, sewer lines, wet wells, pumping and lift stations.

When added at recommended dosages to municipal and industrial waste waters, BactaClean cultures soon become the dominate microflora in the treatment area and quickly begin bioconverting organic contaminants into fractions of smaller molecular weight. Ultimately, most organic compounds will be completely metabolized as a source of carbon for energy and cell growth.

Benefits of BactaClean

  1. Clears solid grease sludges, mats and clogs from sewer lines, pumping stations, wet wells, skimming pits, filter beds, scum lines and clarifiers.
  2. Reduces hydrogen sulfide gas production and resulting danger to personnel and equipment corrosion.
  3. Reduces scum and decay odors in lagoons and ponds.
  4. Removes filamentous bacteria and other undesirable strains in activated sludge blankets.
  5. Removes excess nitrogen and phosphorus and ammonia from waste waters through improved uptake by cell biomass.
  6. Decreases effluent BOD, COD and solids.
  7. Pathogen free and environmentally friendly.


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