BactaClean Turf Conditioner
Probiotic Soil Treatment

Golf course green, tees and turf areas frequently suffer from a number of problems that make them difficult to maintain. Among these are poor or deteriorating soil structure, sparse turf, fungus and mold problems, pH imbalance and thatch buildup. All of these problems can be alleviated with the use of BactaClean Turf Conditioner.

Frequently, poor turf on golf greens is due to excessive use of fertilizers (raises pH), pesticides and fungicides. While fungicides control fungi and molds from invading and damaging turf grasses, they also reduce the indigenous desirable types of bacteria (microorganisms) that are necessary for good soil structure, nutrient supply and healthy turf. Use of pesticides also kills useful natural soil bacteria with similar harmful results to turf.

Fungi and molds can be controlled naturally through species competition where desirable bacteria vastly outnumber and thus control the undesirable microbes. Many fungi are undesirable types of turfgrass microbes. When fungicides are applied, natural bacterial controls are reduced and regrowth of undesirable fungi is actually encouraged. This commonly leads to more frequent infestations and overuse of fungicides that exacerbate turf problems.

Good soil structure is dependent on a healthy and abundant supply of desirable soil microbes like those in Turf Conditioner. The reduction of the number and health of desirable bacterial types in the soil ultimately leads to poor soil structure and nutrient-poor soil.

  • Increases turf density for better playability and appearance.
  • Decreases thatch buildup for truer roll and better aeration.
  • Decreases effects of many types of undesirable bacteria and molds for improved turf, less frequent use of fungicides and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improves uptake rate and availability of fertilizer nutrients and reduces total fertilizer needs and costs (est. 10-20%).
  • Improves soil structure for improved aeration and soil moisture retention.

Regular use of Turf Conditioner will improve the health and turf density of grasses, improve soil conditions and reduce the need for fungicide applications. Turf Conditioner is recommended for use on golf greens, tees and any other areas where improved turf conditions are desirable. It’s also an excellent addition to soil mixes used for divot repairs and top dressing.


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