BactaClean Septic, Type 1 (Septic Activator)
Septic Systems Maintenance

BactaClean "Septic Activator" is a powerful combination of billions of safe, naturally occurring microorganisms packaged in convenient dehydrated powder form. Septic Activator is a biological seed for residential and commercial septic systems, holding tanks and portable toilets.

When added to any type of septic system, the beneficial bacteria in Septic Activator immediately begin to secrete enzymes that digest and decompose feces, urine, toilet paper, grease, fats, food scraps, detergents and other organic wastes. The environmentally harmless microbes in Septic Activator rapidly multiply and colonize the septic system, thereby restoring its biological health and efficiency.

BactaClean cultures are a blend of naturally occurring bacteria which utilize only non-living organic matter as a food source. These organisms are not harmful to aquatic or land plants, animals, birds or humans.

When people or businesses are not located near a sewer line, their wastes must be flushed into a septic system. In its simplest terms, a septic system is a small biological waste water treatment plant designed to receive human and food wastes mixed with water that are generated inside a home, building or campground. The heart of the septic system is a large, buried concrete tank which receives the waste water. Inside the tank live billions of helpful bacteria, consuming most of the feces, urine, grease, fats soaps, toilet paper and food scraps that are typically flushed down drains. Their action cleans the water, which then flows out of the septic tank through a drain line (outflow line) and into a buried drain field or a cesspool, where the water is absorbed into the soil.

However, modern day living can spell trouble for septic tank systems because beneficial septic tank bacteria are routinely killed by chemicals we frequently flush down drains and toilets. These include chlorine bleach, caustic drain cleaners, disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaners, some detergents, anti-bacterial soaps and even leftover antibiotics.

Since most of us do not pay much attention to what we flush into our tanks, most septic systems now in use are not in good biological "health", particularly in septic systems which are heavily used by the public (in campgrounds, parks, restaurants, hotels and apartments).

When chemicals toxic to bacteria or heavy loads of difficult to digest wastes are flushed down drains, when garbage disposal units or excessive laundry/shower detergents are in the flow, the microorganisms living in septic tanks may not be able to do a complete job of digesting the waste. In time, a solid "sludge" collects on the bottom of the tank. Eventually, the sludge may get high enough to block or enter the outflow pipe. This is where expensive troubles begin. If the right population of healthy bacteria is not present in the tank at all times, that sludge will build up, clog the entire system and require you to call in a service to pump out the septic tank. If your drain field also becomes clogged with sludge as well, it may have to be dug up and replaced. The cost can exceed several thousand dollars. Further, when septic systems are operating poorly, the water coming out of them may still be polluted, and can contaminate nearby streams, rivers, lakes and marine basins.

The microorganisms in Septic Activator are the same hardy, industrial strength blends of bacteria used by large treatment plants. By periodically adding Septic Activator to your septic tank, you will immediately improve the biological activity of your septic system, and its ability to digest the waste you flush into it. BactaClean cultures are easy to use, completely safe to handle and are the most effective biological additive you can buy for the septic tank!

DOSING AND TREATMENT: Treatment consists of simply flushing about 1/2 lb (one heaping cup) of Septic Activator cultures down any convenient toilet once a month. That's all there is to it!

Benefits of using BactaClean Septic Activator

  1. Naturally restore biologic health to septic systems whose beneficial bacteria have been killed off by the numerous household cleaning products in common use.
  2. Keep septic lines and drain fields cleaner with reduced carryover of undigested organic debris.
  3. When used properly, Septic Activator will biodegrade organic blockages in drain field lines, gravel leach pits and porous stone pit walls, and may be able to restore water flow, thereby saving the extensive costs of digging up and replacing a clogged drain field.
  4. Reduce septic tank pump-outs.
  5. Reduce foul odors emanating from the septic system.


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