BactaClean FOG, Type 2 (Grease Treatment)
Grease Trap and Piping Maintenance

BactaClean FOG, Type 2 (Grease Treatment) is a powerful combination of special bacteria formulated for the efficient and rapid biodegradation and removal of grease, fats, oils, food refuse and other organic wastes in commercial and retail establishments' grease traps, drain lines and sewers.

In particular, grease and fats can cause clogged plumbing lines in even the most efficient food preparation and processing operations. Some commercial kitchens and restaurants still hire other companies to pump out grease traps or manually scrape and auger out solidified greases and fats. Liquid enzyme or caustic treatments can be easily and quickly flushed out of piping systems and cannot do a complete job. Caustics can harm piping systems over time.

Packaged in convenient dry powdered form, a few ounces of Grease Treatment are mixed with water and poured into the drain. Upon entering the piping system and grease trap, the microbes immediately take up residence and multiply by "eating" or metabolizing the waste materials which is their food source. They will not be flushed from the system. The environmentally harmless organisms in Grease Treatment are the same strains used by major municipalities throughout the U.S. to keep the sewer lines and lift stations free of grease buildup and clogging. See also FOG, Type 5L (liquid).

Benefits of using BactaClean Grease Treatment

  1. Digest grease mats through biological action.
  2. Clear grease traps of grease and fats.
  3. Eliminate the need for grease trap pump outs.
  4. Open drains and attack clogs in sewer lines downstream.
  5. Eliminate foul odors from piping lines and traps.
  6. Safe for piping systems and environmentally harmless.


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