BactaClean CompostQuick
Organic Composting

Successful composting relies upon the right microorganism to biodegrade wastes. BactaClean CompostQuick is a proprietary blend of high potency live bacterial cultures, enzymes and micronutrients, selected from nature to seed new compost piles with high numbers of environmentally beneficial organisms. When sprinkled onto a new compost pile, the naturally derived enzymes and high efficiency bacteria quickly begin to biodegrade bulk organic debris in the pile, while the special micronutrients blended into CompostQuick provide these microbes with the trace nutrients needed to accelerate their metabolic cycle. When CompostQuick is used as a bioseed, organic debris will typically be converted to a rich organic compost within 30 to 60 days.

BactaClean CompostQuick contains naturally derived enzymes and saprophytic bacteria originally derived from soil which utilize only non-living organic matter as a food source. These microorganisms are not harmful to either aquatic or land plants, birds, animals or humans and have been released all over the world into marine and fresh water lakes, ponds, rivers, municipal sewer lines, drains, septic systems and soil with complete ecological safety.

Composting has become an excellent method of disposing of many organic wastes. In the process of composting, environmentally friendly microorganisms decompose and break down solid organic wastes into simple soil nutrients that can be used as a source of food and growth materials for plants. Materials that can be composted and biodegraded include household garbage, twigs, wood chips, dead leaves, grass clippings, food scraps, animal manure, barn letter and other organic wastes. When you use these composted materials, you benefit the environment by recycling organic wastes, lowering water pollution and providing your garden, agricultural or ornamental plants with an important and inexpensive nutrient source


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