BactaClean Aquaculture Pond Cleaner
Probiotic for Improved Water Quality and Production

BactaClean - Aquaculture Pond Cleaner is a completely natural and ecologically harmless method of maintaining proper pond chemistry and environments for shrimp and fish aquaculture operations. Typically, aquaculture ponds have difficulty controlling excess nitrates and ammonia in their confined systems. The buildup of nitrates and ammonia create toxic environments that result in high mortality rates, poor product flavor, reduced growth rates and significant loss of revenue. These problems can be controlled and higher revenues will result by using Aquaculture Pond Cleaner. Below is a list of problems typically experienced by aquaculture producers that are beneficially affected by Aquaculture Pond Cleaner.

• High ammonia production
• High Nitrate & Nitrite levels
• Excessive sludge production
• Poor or off-tasting product
• High mortality Rates
• Low oxygen levels
• Stressful environment
• Reduced growth rates
Beneficial Effects of Bacterial Use
• Drastic reduction of ammonia levels
• Drastic reduction of nitrogen compounds
• Removal/Prevention of bottom sludge
• Improved water quality and product taste
• Increased production of 30% or more
• Improved oxygenation
• Improved water quality
• Lower water toxicity and improved growth rates

BactaClean Aquaculture Pond Cleaner is a special probiotic blend of naturally occuring bacteria that removes nitrates and ammonia from pond water. Aquaculture Pond Cleaner works in the entire water column as well as bottom sludge to break down and digest these organic wastes that are derived from animal manure and urine. These cultures are completely safe for the shrimp and fish as well as humans, animals, plants, birds and the environment.

The bacteria used in BactaClean are derived from natural environments and are not genetically engineered. Useful bacterial strains are grown and blended for application to specific organic problems and commercial uses and typically contain a number of species that have been selected and combined to degrade specific organic compounds or waste products. The strains of bacteria in the blend work together - each producing the enzymes necessary to degrade specific components in the waste and their resulting intermediates until reaching non-harmful compounds such as water and carbon dioxide.

By adding BactaClean Aquaculture Pond Cleaner to the pond water, a living system of biologically active seed culture, enzymes, activators and accelerators developed specifically for aquaculture ponds is established. The BactaClean microbes populate the entire system, multiply and produce large quantities of digestive enzymes on an ongoing basis.

High levels of ammonia and manures in ponds cause off-tasting product, low oxygen levels and stressfully toxic environments. These poor growing conditions, in turn, create high mortality rates and reduce commercial profitability.

The Bactaclean bacterial cultures will help break down ammonia (from urine and decaying organic materials) to form nitrate and nitrites which are then reduced to nitrogen gas. Similarly the nitrate-rich manure and uneaten food in the pond are broken down to non-hazardous materials. Unless treated with bacteria, materials form oxygen-depleting bottom sludge. These processes give the bacteria the nutrients they require to grow and reproduce.

The bacteria utilize dissolved oxygen in their digestive processes. However, by removing the undesirable organic materials noted above and reducing BOD in the aquatic system, ultimately more oxygen will be available to shrimp and fish since less will be required for the oxidation of organic materials. The use of bacteria will not adversly affect a well-aerated pond.

The use of BactaClean is not a one-time quick fix for poorly functioning or toxic aquaculture ponds. Rather it is a preventative maintenance product that requires bacterial additions at regularly spaced intervals.

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