BactaClean Pond Cleaner
Probiotic for Clean, Clear Ponds

BactaClean - Pond Cleaner is not an algaecide, but rather a completely natural and ecologically harmless method of controlling nitrates, phosphates, organic bottom sludge and odors that commonly plague lakes and ponds. The program consists of simple, regular treatments during the spring, summer, and early fall seasons.

BactaClean Pond Cleaner is a special blend of naturally occurring bacteria that maintain clean, clear ponds by interrupting the nitrogen cycle and drastically reducing amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon and ammonia compounds. BactaClean Pond Cleaner works in the entire water column, as well as bottom sludge layers, to digest any organic wastes generated by animal and plant life in the pond. BactaClean Pond cleaner also contains cultures beneficial for enhancing turf quality and is therefore safe to use in irrigation ponds. The cultures are completely safe, and will not harm humans, plants, animals, birds or the environment.

Benefits of Using BactaClean Pond Cleaner:
  • Removes nitrogen and phosphorous compounds from pond water.
  • Breaks down organic and fecal waste in the water.
  • Clarifies lake or pond water.
  • Reduces accumulated organic bottom sludge.
  • Enhances uptake of nutrients by grasses when used for irrigation ponds.
  • Improves the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife.
  • Eliminates ammonia and organic odors.
  • Completely safe for humans, animals, fish and aquatic plant life.


BactaClean Pond Cleaner
Copper-based algacides
Reduces nitrates
Reduces phosphates
Controls Odor
Removes Sludge
Benefits Turf
Environmentally Friendly
All Natural

How It Works - In General

The principle behind BactaClean Pond Cleaner is that of bioaugmentation. Bioaugmentation is the controlled addition of selected microorganisms into a specific environment to carry out a defined objective. Biotechnology can be described as the application of both biological science and engineering principles to the solution for everyday problems. Therefore bioaugmentation, or bacterial supplementation, is considered biotechnology, even though its history is as old as its first uses in the fermenting of alcoholic beverages.

Bacteria are isolated from soil and water samples and tested in the laboratory for their ability to degrade complex organic compounds. Useful strains are grown and blended in a commercial scale for application to specific degradation problems. The formulations of bacteria will typically contain a number of species, which have been selected and combined to degrade organic compounds of interest. These organisms work in concert, each strain possessing the enzyme systems necessary to degrade specific components of the waste, yielding breakdown intermediates that are further degraded by other species in the blend. In this manner, complex compounds can be systematically reduced to ever more simple and ultimately non-harmful compounds such as water and carbon dioxide.

Whether in the small confines of the hobbyist's aquarium, in commercial fish and shrimp aquaculture farms or in golf course ponds, ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate must be removed or kept at every low levels. By adding BactaClean Pond Cleaner to the water phase, a living system of biologically active seed culture, enzymes, activators and accelerators, developed specifically for ponds and aquaculture, is introduced. The BactaClean microbes populate the entire system, multiply, and produce large quantities of digestive enzymes on a continuing basis.

The bacterial cultures will reduce BOD and allow existing microbes to oxidize ammonia to form nitrite and nitrate, and then reduce the nitrite and nitrate to nitrogen gas. These reactions give the bacteria both the energy and nutrients they require to grow and reproduce.

Pond Cleaner also degrades accumulated organic waste, suspended organic material and bottom sludge for use as carbon sources. The overall result is a pond with clean, clear water.

The conversion of ammonia to nitrite and nitrate in natural environments is a process that occurs normally when the input of nitrogen does not exceed the absorptive capacity of the system. The absorptive capacity is normally dependent on natural populations of the organism Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. However when the absorptive capacity is exceeded the result is excess accumulation of bottom sludge, algae and pond scum as well as high turbidity.

Nitrosomonas converts ammonia to nitrite, and Nitrobacter converts nitrite to nitrate. These conversion reactions, however, are very delicate and can be inhibited by high concentrations of organics, ammonia and/or nitrate and inappropriate pH.

The organisms selected for inclusion in BactaClean Pond Cleaner have been chosen for their ability to stabilize the conversion process and to tolerate conditions that would totally inhibit Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. Reduction of organics and the lowered BOD (Biochemical Organic Demand) achieved by BactaClean pond Cleaner help these nitrogen-cycle bacterial organisms to thrive.

Commonly Asked Questions About BactaClean Pond Cleaner

How does BactaClean Pond Cleaner work?

    Pond Cleaner is designed to treat the cause, not the effect, of pond maintenance problems. Excess nitrogen pond problems result from nitrogen compounds in the water. Pond Cleaner bacteria consume these compounds for energy and reproduction.

Will BactaClean Pond Cleaner harm turf?

    No. Pond Cleaner actually enhances turf health in the following ways:
    a. The microbes used in BactaClean are natural soil and water bacteria that are an essential part of the mechanism for the efficient transport of nutrients (nitrates & phosphates) from the soil into the turf roots.
    b. BactaClean Pond Cleaner also improves the water quality of irrigation ponds by breaking down ammonia salts and other contaminants before they reach the turf. Common sense indicates that better water contributes to better turf.

Is BactaClean Pond Cleaner safe for fish and other aquatic life?

    Yes. By removing ammonia and nitrogen compounds from the water, BactaClean Pond Cleaner enhances the aquatic environment for fish and other wildlife.

How does BactaClean Pond Cleaner clarify water?

    BactaClean digests floating and suspended organic matter that clouds the water column.

How do algaecides cause long-term problems?

    Nature regulates nutrient levels in ponds with naturally ocurring bacteria. Continual use of algacides will kill these beneficial bacteria, and over time the pond will lose its ability to self-regulate nutrient levels. The result is an out-of-balance ecosystem whose nutrients will support a large algae population. This can be compared to the increase in turf thatch and disease caused by the use of pesticides and fungicides. As with algaecides, pesticides and fungicides also kill the bacteria that are essential to healthy turf, and their continual use may cause greater long-term turf problems.

Is BactaClean Pond Cleaner an algaecide?

    No, BactaClean Pond Cleaner is not an algaecide. BactaClean Pond Cleaner is designed to digest nitrogen, phosphorus and organic carbon compounds. It will not kill living macro-organisms. BactaClean will help to reestablish a healthy, balance aquatic ecosystem. BactaClean is nontoxic, non-corrosive, all natural and will not harm animals, plants, birds, fish or humans.

What about aeration?

    BactaClean Pond Cleaner bacteria utilize dissolved oxygen in their digestive processes. This utilization will not, however, affect the dissolved oxygen concentration in a well-aerated pond. Aeration will enhance the effectiveness of BactaClean, as well as benefit all aquatic life present in the pond. It is recommended that all ponds without adequate dissolved oxygen levels be aerated. By digestion of free organics, the bacteria in BactaClean Pond Cleaner dramatically reduces the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). In aquatic systems, this means that more of the dissolved oxygen is available to fish life, as less is required for the oxidation of organics. Thus BactaClean Pond Cleaner will enhance even an unaerated or poorly aerated pond.

Will BactaClean Pond Cleaner work within the pond bottom and sludge layer?

    Yes. BactaClean Pond Cleaner's bacterial formulation was designed to supply the correct bacteria for the entire pond, including the sludge layer. The sludge layer can be the largest contributor of nutrients to the pond for two reasons:

      a. As organic matter (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) degrades on the pond bottom, nitrogen and phosphorus are released to the water.

      b.The bacterial populations in the sludge layer can be damaged by applied algaecides and pesticides flushed in to the pond during rainstorms. BactaClean will repopulate the sludge layer and accelerate the degradation process. This not only reduces the sludge layer volume but will also reduce the release of nutrients. It is important to note here that the copper used in algaecides and herbicides accumulates in bottom sludge causing an ever-increasing toxicity problem for natural microorganisms.

How is BactaClean Pond Cleaner used?

    BactaClean Pond Cleaner is a pond management program, not a one time quick-fix. As such, it requires and continued attention in order to provide optimum results. The initiation (heavy) dose is designed to rapidly populate a pond with BactaClean cultures. Seasonal golf courses require only one initiation dose, while year round course should be done twice.

What is the purpose of the maintenance dose?

    Since BactaClean Pond Cleaner is designed to be a preventative maintenance product, the bimonthly doses ensure that the levels of beneficial bacteria remain sufficient to handle nutrient inflows. Water outflow, irrigation, leaching and inter-species competition with less desirable bacteria reduce the BactaClean bacteria's numbers.

Because each pond has unique set of characteristics that will impact the action of the bacteria, the length of time to achieve the desire results will vary form pond to pond. Remember, BactaClean Pond Cleaner is not a quick fix to pond management problems, rather it is a preventative maintenance program that will yield excellent results if followed diligently.

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