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Natural bacteria are being used more and more to solve a wide range of common maintenance problems that include natural and man-made organic materials and chemicals. Bacteria are nature’s way of degrading these materials and keeping natural systems in balance – they are nature’s scavengers.

Long ago humans adopted the use of natural bacteria to achieve specific goals, such as producing foods like bread, cheese, wine and beer, etc. that utilize bacteria in their production or more recently the cleansing of human and industrial wastes in biological systems. Today the science of using bacteria for human benefit is well understood.

The principal behind BactaClean Products is bioaugmentation. Bioaugmentation is the controlled addition of selected microorganisms into a specific environment to carry out a specific objective. There are quite literally thousands of potential uses for existing bacterial products and many replace current chemical treatments that are harmful to the environment, humans and animals.

Most BactaClean products are combinations of bacteria, enzymes, bacterial nutrients, pH buffers, surfactants and deodorizers. Each contains different combinations of these ingredients. Suites of bacteria are blended for their different appetites for specific materials in order to remediate the treated substances completely. Other ingredients are added based on the specific task they are designed to perform, e.g., faster degradation or more odor control. Bacterial nutrients are added when needed, but omitted when bacteria will be introduced into a nutrient-rich environment.

Suites of bacteria produce the several kinds of enzymes needed to completely treat the problem. Treated substances are broken down to simpler materials that the bacteria utilize as food for energy and reproduction, thereby continuing the treatment process. The ultimate products produced are harmless materials such as water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

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